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Welcome to The Welcome Network! Imagine a place wherein everybody is valued,  recognition, belonging, and love are not just beliefs, but realities.  This is what we attempt for at our nonprofit, guided via the compassionate teachings of Jesus: "When you welcome a stranger, you welcome me."

Our challenge is a tapestry of collaboration, woven together by using neighborhood churches, businesses, and dedicated people.  Together, we offer several offerings - from welcoming new arrivals to supporting resettlement and criminal matters.  We intend to offer realistic support and non-secular steering to people who reach out to us.

We're especially happy with our Welcome Home Project.  It's more than simply an initiative; it's a symbol of our community's heart and commitment.  Through this undertaking, with the help of church volunteers, we remodel homes into homes, creating safe, nurturing areas for refugee households.  It's our way of helping them settle into our network, and supporting them via this tremendous existence transition.

Volunteering is the heartbeat of The Welcome Network.  It's how we breathe life into our project.  We invite you to sign up for us.  Whether it's coaching English, leading discipline journeys, supporting our meals service, or different supportive sports, your involvement could make a real difference.

Together, we will alternate lives and foster a culture of kindness and generosity.

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