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In 2020, individuals & several churches in Northwest Indiana and Lansing, Illinois, came together to purchase a home to be used to help bring dignity, belonging and Kingdom love to asylum-seeking families.

From 2022-2023, the Welcome Home was primarily filled with Ukrainian families who were fleeing the invasion of their home country.

From 2023-Present, the Welcome Home is starting to primarily be filled with Venezuelan families who have fled their home country due to political & financial instability, & crime.

Swieta & her family (featured in this video) fled from their home in Ukraine & lived in the Welcome Home for a year from 2022-2023.  Her husband was able to secure a good job, & they recently moved into a more permanent home.  We're very thankful for their family!

At the end of 2023, we were able to secure enough funds through the generous donations of our local community to purchase a second Welcome Home, & we are now actively searching for a home that can increase our efforts to welcome migrant newcomers & give them temporary housing while we help guide them through: their legal processes to stay here, find work, & more permanent housing.

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