God’s Ways...

My ways are not your ways, declares the Lord.

So you would think that an experienced accredited immigration representative would know vague passport rules.

But apparently not. As I prepared to lead a team of 9 of us to Lebanon on Friday evening, airport authorities had a decidedly different idea. My passport was valid, but not valid enough. With only 4 months left before the expiration, apparently that wasn’t good enough for our destination country of Lebanon, or our transit country of Belgium.

So I am here in Indiana, while the other 8 members of the team (including my wife) are thankfully in Beirut safe and sound. 

I did cry a bit the first night. But here the 2nd night, I’m laughing a little. What is God up to?

Do I need to be humbled? Do other members of our team need to be stretched? Would I have gotten in the way there? Who knows.

What I do know is that God’s ways are higher than our ways. And that He has a good plan. And that the children we are going to serve with our partner Kids Alive are still going to be served and loved and ministered to. 

I was actually needed most on the front end: motivating people, helping the raise support, teaching them a bit about the culture, getting the administrative things taken care of. At this point, the teachers and travel experts and servant leaders are most needed. I’m lacking in all that.

So, let’s pray for the team! Let’s pray for the children being served. And if you want, you can pray for my expedited passport extension because I’m jealous sitting here in Indiana while my favorite part of the year continues without me in Lebanon :)