Tony Burrell

Executive Director

Tony founded The Welcome Network in 2014 after becoming aware of a lack of support surrounding immigrant and refugee communities in Northwest Indiana and South Chicagoland. Initially exposed to the tragic circumstances surrounding refugees after having lived and worked in Kosovo from 2000-2003, the unique needs of immigrants and refugees stayed with him. His passion is to help churches, organizations, and individuals network together to meet the practical and spiritual needs of this vulnerable segment of society.

Having lived 6 years overseas, and having a son who was born overseas, helps give Tony a small sense of what it's like to be a stranger in a culture. This motivates him to welcome immigrants and refugees to their new homes in the Chicago area.   


Katie Huish

Resettlement Intern / Volunteer Coordinator:

Katie became aware of the needs of immigrants and refugees right here in Northwest Indiana as she began to watch the impact of the Syrian War, and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This impacted Katie so much that she organized a presentation at Indiana University to increase awareness of the refugee crisis.

She also made a trip through The Welcome Network to a refugee transit camp in Eastern Europe, where she experience firsthand what heart wrenching hurdles families face as they flee war and seek refuge for their children.