Welcome Network Employment Opportunities

Immigrant Legal Specialist

The Welcome Network is hiring a sharp mind to serve in our legal clinic as an Immigrant Legal Specialist. Primary job requirements include a Spanish-English fluency, and alignment with the mission, vision, and values of the Welcome Network. Paralegal experience is beneficial. For more information, contact us. Click here for the position focus and job description. To apply, e-mail a cover letter and resume to info@thewelcomenet.org.


Program Director

The Welcome Network is looking for a Program Director to work alongside the Executive Director and build programming capacity for the Welcome Network, in partnership with local area churches. This is a support-based opportunity. Full support raising training will be given. For more information, email info@thewelcomenet.org.




The Chicagoland Immigrant Welcome Network strives to follow the admonition of Jesus that we "welcome the stranger." You can help!